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BloodW4r - Blog owner

" is the best ip stresser/booter money can buy. I have had a lifetime account with them for the past year and they have been nothing but great! All the other booter and ipstresser sites are always down or without power. Network stresser doesn't have that problem because their staff is dedicated to providing a good service. They are easily the strongest booter that i have ever used!"
Agent0xx - Web hosting

"Running a web hosting company i see my fair share of attacks and buying a plan with Network Stresser has paid itself off ten-fold. The ability to test the latest attack methods allows me to get ahead of attacks against my clients. Network IP Stresser offers all the latest method and the strongest power on the market. There's a reason why they are rated number one by so many booter sites. Don't be afraid to buy they wont let you down."


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